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Image by Cristina Anne Costello

Golf Equipment Trade-In


A great way to upgrade your current golf gear without spending a lot of money.

Once we received all your photos and information, we will send you the quotation within 2 working days.

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*Please upload your cue according to the picture of the case. Note that the maximum upload capacity of the picture is 25MB.

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Please take closer and clear photo if your clubs have dents, scratches or some majority defects, it will help us to valve it before you send the gear to us. Feel free to get touch if there is anything you unsure about. Happy trading! 😊


All exchanged golf clubs must be in a playable condition, avoid of defects or harm, such as dents, cracks, punctures, rattling, extreme chrome or shaft wear, bent or cracked shafts, or imperfections on the clubface's sole or excessive scratches.

All exchanged products must be in full operational condition and free from flaws or harm, including but not confined to dents, cracks, punctures, rattling, extensive wear or marks, harmed LCD, absent accessories, or non-functional status. ​Sets of irons should possess consecutive numbering, with the highest lofted club ending at the #9 iron, pitch wedge, gap or approach wedge, sand wedge, or lob wedge. Iron sets with missing or impaired clubs are open to either rejection or a decrease in trade-in value. ​Should the items you exchange not match those on your shipment note upon inspection, the trade- in value and any applicable premium will adjust accordingly. ​Every iron set should consist of five, six, seven, or eight successive irons. At a minimum, the iron set must consist of five sequential pieces, including the 6 iron and pitching wedge (PW). Iron sets lacking the minimum 6-PW configuration won't be acknowledged. For an iron set to receive credit, all heads, shaft models, flexibilities, and handedness must be identical. ​An iron set traded in as a fragmented set (e.g., lacking a 7 iron) is ineligible for credit or any related trade-in premium. ​PDW Stores retains the authority to decline to accept or to reduce trade-in value for clubs or tech items that have been modified or are not factory complete, such as alterations in loft or lie angle, shaft change, weight modification, absent ferrule, refinished head, impaired or absent grip, mismatched irons, varying shaft flex, adjustments inconsistent with original manufacturer specifications, or other non-factory modifications.

PLEASE NOTE: Clubs or tech products manifesting the aforementioned issues might be refused, or we may offer a lower trade-in value.

Trade-In Communication and Procedures

We suggest carefully examining each item prior to shipping it to us. Our experience has shown that specific dents and cracks could be easily overlooked without meticulous pre-packing inspection. Please also adhere to our packing guidance below to evade damages during transit.

In the event your traded item doesn't meet our acceptance criteria, we will carry out the subsequent guidelines and procedures:

We will initiate communication by email, and subsequently by phone, to convey the issue and propose alternative solutions. Alternative solutions may encompass: ​Return of the item to you – you are accountable for the return shipping expenses. ​Provision of a revised trade-in value when the club complies with the minimum conditions referred to earlier. If a counter-offer is extended, it will remain valid for two (2) business days post the initial offer communication. Should you concur with the counter-offer, if any, the trade-in value adjustment sum will be subtracted from the primary trade-in allowance. ​Disposal of the item, provided the club holds no value, and you grant consent for its disposal. ​Repairing the club if you agree with the repair price and authorise us to undertake the repair. We will deduct the repair expenses from the initial trade-in allowance. Should no response be received from you within five (5) business days following our initial email and phone outreach, the item will be returned to you, shipping charges for returning the item to you will be billed to you.

Once we received all your photos and information, we will send you the quotation within 2 working days.

Thanks for getting in touch!

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