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About Us


Story of PDW Stores

A good business always starts with enthusiasm. Been a serious golfer, we love golf gears just like soldiers love sharp weapons. When a new model of golf club released, there will always discussions among our team. Each golf club has its character, pros and cons, functionality. All these little differences and improvement become our big topic daily.


We want to set up a platform where people can find suitable and not expensive golf clubs. Golf is a game always welcome new starter. Pre-owned golf clubs will always work perfectly with new starter and golfers want to change or update to their club but not has to be the latest model.

Little Achievement of Our Online Store

In less than two years, Our Trade Me store has achieved more than 1000 positive comments, with positive feedback close to 100%.


New product is always an area we keen to explore. In 2021, we have developed a model of our own golf trundler. Now we are working on our 2nd cart model, in the end of this year, we will finish up modify with our R&D team in order to put the new model into production, then bring in the 3rd & 4th models in 2023.

Golf Clubs, Ball and Trophy
Golf Partners
Our Dream Never Change

We want to extend the life of pre-owned golf gears, help more & more golfers to start easy and play hard. We want to use our online platform to help to find suitable gears for players with all skill levels.

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